Metron's Amplification

Amplify your reach with Stories Reels TikTok Podcast

Done-for-you weekly Social Amplification for Churches. Go from 1–2, to up to
7 channels!

the right message

needs the right channels.

Metron changes the way you share the Gospel. Don't lose time trying to get social media distribution right. Instead, focus on your message, and leave distribution to us.

Long to short-form

Turn long videos into concise, engaging clips, capturing the essence of your message.

Content Scheduling

Schedule your content with ease, ensuring your message reaches the audience at the right moment.

Video to Podcast

Convert your videos into podcasts, expanding your presence across diverse media platforms.

Analysis & optimization

Analyze your content’s performance and optimize it to connect with even more people with your message.

There are messages within Your Message.

We dig deep into your sermons in order to find highlights that can heal and inspire billions of people.

πŸ“ˆ Up to 5x your current reach

Our content amplification is specially tailored for Churches that want to reach more people.Β 

🎧 Your Weekly Highlights, Now On Air

We curate the highlights of your weekly messages and broadcast them on top podcast platforms such as Spotify, Apple, and Google Podcasts.

🌐Grow beyond borders.

Don’t let language be a limiter for transformation. Our content vernacularization add-on will help you reach people using their main language.