Your Metron Is Your

Community Calling Impact People Mission Message

Multiply the reach of the content your team works so diligently to create and deliver each week. Effortlessly distribute content to all the relevant platforms in new, engaging formats.

Helping churches share the good news

Efficiently & consistently to all the major platforms.

Go Multichannel.

Most churches post weekend services to one or two channels. Amplify your reach with a presence on ALL relevant social media platforms.

Local to Universal

Make use of content vernacularization (translation) to reach a global audience of Believers.

Continuity and Consistency

Ensure a steady flow of meaningful content that is consistent with your messaging and core values.

How It Works

Our four-step process ensures that your content is transformed into engaging weekly posts across various social media platforms, each tailored to the specific algorithm and nuances of that platform.

Step One: Connect Your Content Stream + Socials

Connect Metron to your content source, like a cloud drive, or your YouTube channel. Then add us as managers to your social media accounts (we help with this step).

Step Two: Content Conversion and Repurposing

We edit and repurpose your content into powerful highlight reels suitable for the top social media platforms.

Step Three: Feedback and Adjustments

We value your input and want to ensure that the repurposed materials align with your vision and objectives.

Step Four: Regular Distribution (Scheduling and Posting)

We handle the logistics and timing to ensure that your posts are shared consistently and effectively.

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